This is Ralph's 60s band! No one makes this kind of music anymore!

Check out some of these!

1. "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" - Listen to it! (MP3)
2. "Great Shakes" - Check it out! (MP3)
3. "Jingle-Bells"  Blues Magoos Jingle Bells!  (MP3)
4. "Let Your Love Ride" (B-Side of Ganim Release "Who Do You Love") Listen to it! (MP3)
5. "Who Do You Love" - (from GANIM 45) Check this out! (MP3)
6. "Who Do You Love" (extended) - This is an extended version of the same track (from the Ganim 45)  Extended Ver. (MP3)


Ralph Scala and Joey Stac "Dependables" Album!

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History of the Blues Magoos

EMIL "PEPPY" THIELHELM: vocals, guitar
*RALPH SCALA: vocals, organ
MIKE ESPOSITO: lead guitar

With their electric suits and giant, onstage lava lamps, the Blues Magoos had all the accoutrements and affectations that any practitioners of the new "psychedelic" movement could need. The Magoos even marketed their own line of lava lamps: the "Psyche-de-Lite." What few appreciated, though, was that the group had the aptitude and creativity to back up their commercial gimmickry.

Scala, Gilbert, and Theilhelm had originally gotten together (with another guitarist and drummer) as The Trenchcoats in the Bronx in 1964. By 1966 they were renamed the Bloos Magoos and were gigging frequently at Cafe Wha and the Night Owl in Greenwich Village. After one early single and a spelling revision, Mike Esposito became their new lead guitarist. Esposito had at one time been in a college band with Lou Reed, and his inventive guitar playing -- utilizing controlled feedback and tape-echo devices -- added a new dimension to the group's sound. Drummer Geoff Daking was the last to join, arriving in time to record their debut album, Psychedelic Lollipop, which was released in November 1966.

With its heavy use of effects and improvisational segments, the album showed a band toying with the possibilities of psychedelia without ever taking themselves too seriously -- a sense of humor was never far below the surface. The extended "freak-out" version of "Tobacco Road" -- which also appeared as a single -- was a highlight of the Magoos' live act and demonstrates how effectively the earlier garage-psych bands were able to utilize experimental sounds and controlled dynamics without ever overextending into self-indulgent jamming.

Written by: Lenny Kaye

Discovered as the Bloos Magoos playing the Cafe Wha on MacDougal Street by Art Polhemus in mid-1966, he changed these Bronx-bred musicians' name to the more literal "Blues" and sent them on the road to stardom. And what stardom! At their height, the Magoos -- Ralph, Ronnie, Peppy, Mike and Geoff -- not only logged their due number of hit singles ("We Ain't Got
Nothin' Yet," "There's A Chance We Can Make It") and albums, but also used to come out on stage wearing Diana Dew-designed electric suits, which they could light at will as the tension grew.



Verve 5044 So I'm Wrong And You're Right/ 1966
Ganim 100 Let Your Love Ride/ Who Do You Love 1966
Mercury 72622 (We Ain't Got)Nothin' Yet/ 1966
Mercury 72660 There's A Chance We Can Make It/ Pipe Dream 1967
Mercury 72692 *One By One/ 1967 (click to read about B-Side Dante's Inferno)
Mercury 72707 I Wanna Be There/ Summer In The Rain 1967
Mercury 72729 Life is Just a Cher O'Bowlies/ 1967
Mercury 72762 Santa Claus Is Coming/ Jingle Bells 1967
Mercury 72838 I Can Hear The Grass Grow/ 1968
ABC 11226 Heartbreak Hotel/ 1969
ABC 11250 Never Goin' Back To Georgia/ 1969


Mercury 61096 Psychedelic Lollipop 1966
Mercury 61104 Electric Comic Book 1967
Mercury 61167 Basic Blues Magoos 1968
ABC 697 Never Goin' Back To Georgia 1969
ABC 710 Gulf Coast Bound 1970